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European Cigarettes

European Cigarettes or Western European cigarettes are highly demanded cigarettes in Europe and in America there are also brands that are popular. Cigarettes from Europe are well established because again like American were well marketed through all types of media like television, radio, and billboards before the ban on advertising on cigarettes came about.


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The pricing in general of European made cigarettes a fairly expensive, but not as expensive as American made cigarettes. This is because European made cigarettes are looked upon as manufactured to the highest of quality. Branding and marketing also goes along way, cigarette brands from London especially are well recognised.

Cigarette Price Differences

Here I’ve gathered some price differences from online retailers to show how European made cigarettes fair from cigarettes made in other areas of the world. Prices of cigarettes sold in shops are a lot more expensive don’t forget, these prices are without taxes and duties that have been paid on cigarettes you see in shops.


Marlboro Red European - $18 - $27

Marlboro Red American - $30 - $35

Marlboro Red Russian - $15 - $20

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European Cigarette Demand and Cigarette Types

The online industry for European cigarettes has boosted the recognition and demand for European cigarettes abroad. Many smokers in the U.S. are opting to use the internet as their supply for cigarettes, ordering in from Europe especially. There is a huge price difference when ordering European cigarettes because of the avoidance of taxation and duties, making the demand for European cigarettes increase because there are more and more smokers willing to order cigarettes in from abroad.


Tobacco from Europe varies quit a lot as there are a variety of cultures of people in Europe meaning a variety of tobacco types. Turkish tobacco, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and few others have very different tastes, and makes European tobacco quite diverse and alluring to smokers all over the globe.

European Cigarette Brands

Popular brands like Davidoff, Kent, Marlboro, Winston, Camel, and Kool are all well established European brands. Some smokers are wary in purchasing European cigarettes, because it’s difficult to tell what the discrepancies are between Western European manufactured cigarettes and Eastern European cigarettes. The packaging of these cigarettes can be very similar, and for smokers that purchase online especially it’s extremely difficult.


Overall European made cigarettes are of a high standard in the current market for cigarettes. The demand is very high for European cigarettes all over the world, and online sales show that they are also very popular among smokers.